Cordoba Open pre-qualy round-up: Internationals still alive

15 international players were in action at the Cerveza Victoria Cordoba Open's 'pre-qualy' rounds, with several making it through to the qualifying rounds.

Cordoba Open pre-qualy round-up: Internationals still alive

The Cerveza Victoria Cordoba Open pre-qualy round has been completed on Monday morning, giving eight pairs a ticket to the qualifying rounds to make it through to the actual tournament.

There was plenty of international representation present at the Club La Catedral del Pádel courts. Here are the main takeaways from what happened at pre-qualifying.

Survival of the fittest

Spanish duo Pablo García and Jairo Bautista were the first pair to go through on Monday morning. They won the last of the three qualifying rounds in straight sets - as they did the first two - by 6-0 7-5, taking care of business in just over an hour.

Jairo Bautista was a bright spark in the Cordoba Open's pre-qualy round

The Argentine-Spanish combination of Federico Mouriño and José María Mouliaá scratched and claw their way through the three pre-qualy rounds too. While their first two rounds were relatively straightforward, their Monday-morning game went to three sets and lasted almost two hours. They did emerge victorious, however, keeping their hopes alive to make it to the Cordoba Open.

José Luis González and Alvaro Meléndez were not planning to stay on the 20x10 for that long. They took care of business within an hour as they thrashed Pedro Vera and Jaime Menéndez 6-2 6-0 in 55 minutes.

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Borja Yribarren and Jaime Fermosell took 10 minutes longer in their straight-set victory. Diego Gil and Aday Santana and Pedro Meléndez and Cristobal García took three sets each, but they also keep their head above water by surviving pre-qualy.

All 15 Internationals at the Cordoba Open

Looking around to the international (read: non-Spanish or Argentinian) players in the Cordoba Open pre-qualy, Brazilian Francisco 'Chico' Gomes and his Spanish team-mate Ricardo Martínez Sánchez successfully made it through to Monday's qualifying round.

Swede Daniel Windahl perhaps looked the best of the internationals at the Cordoba Open pre-qualifying rounds

Swedish ace Daniel Windahl and his Argentinian counterpart Martín Andornino also made it out of pre-quali unscathed. They were forced into two three-setters in two days but keep their hopes alive of making the Cordoba Open.

While French tandem Bastien Blanque and Thomas Leygue made it out of the first of the three rounds, they were bested by Pablo García and Jairo Bautista in the second.

The same fate was suffered by Briton Christian Medina Murphy and his Spanish team-mate Diego Rubio Relinque, going down 2-6 2-6 in the second round.

British-born Christian Medina Murphy

Qatar's Mohammed Abdulla and Italian Matías Nicoletti did not get past the first round, being dispatched 6-0 6-2 by Luís Alfonso Chacon and Jorge Martinez Sanchez. Veteran Nicoletti, at 41 years of age, is a former Open finalist in 2015, but has not made an Open since 2019.

No cigar

Two more Italians that fell in the first pre-qualy round were Marco Cassetta and Simone Cremona.  they fell in straight sets 4-6 4-6. Two more Italians in Germán Tamame and Nicolo Cotto, in their respective pairs, fell in the second round.

Unlike their compatriot Windahl, the Swedish pairing of Carl Knutsson and Daniel Appelgren also stranded in the first round in three sets, falling 6-4 / 4-6 / 6-4 to Jorge Burgos and Daniel Avilés Cayuela. 20-year-old Appelgren is in his first year in the World Padel Tour, while his compatriot Knutsson has been active since 2017. He has made the round of 32 twice in his career.

Veteran Pablo Acevedo, born in Mexico (just like padel!) and a two-time Open participant, also stranded in the first round in straight sets.

Cordoba Open pre-qualy full results

Want a full overview of how things shook out at pre-qualifying? Have a look at the draw below!


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