Campagnolo and Capra beat Piñeiro and Ruiz with a 6-1 / 6-2


The Challenger in Paris was closing with the final of the finals. The best possible final, the one that faced the number 1 couple of the tournament, Martín Sánchez Piñeiro and Álex Ruiz, with the second, Lucho Capra and Lucas Campagnolo. One of the most consolidated pairs of the circuit, with another that is enjoying their first games together.

The match started with Capra and Campagnolo taking a step forward in the early stages. With a break in the third game, which they were going to consolidate later, they took distance in the scoreboard. Martín and Álex continued to make mistakes, and Lucho and Lucas broke their service again in the fifth. After half an hour and with a resounding 6-1, the Brazilian and the Argentine won the first set.

In the second, Capra and Campagnolo continued to dominate the game, and with a break in the fourth, they again separated from their rivals on the scoreboard. A distance that they would extend later and taking advantage of the disconnection of the Spaniards, they made their first title as a couple with a 6-2.


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