Comebacks and new pairings as women's Cordoba Open gets underway

The women's Cordoba Open is up and running, with new pairings, comebacks from injury, and stars shining bright all on Wednesday

Comebacks and new pairings as women's Cordoba Open gets underway

Comebacks from injury, new partnerships and the favourites in-form highlight the first day of the women's Cordoba Open as the round of 32 was completed on Wednesday evening.

The 15th tournament of the 2021 World Padel Tour season is underway, the Cervezas Victoria Cordoba Open 2021, and here is what happened on the Club La Catedral del Pádel courts.

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Tenorio/Martínez vs Soriano/Caro (1-6 / 1-6)

The first match-up in the women's Cordoba Open was a very one-sided affair. Catalina Tenorio and Patricia Martínez faced Ángela Caro and Arantxa Soriano, with the latter pair very much dominating.

Caro and Soriano, the 19th-seeded pair heading into the tournament, gave up just two games in the entire match, posting a double 6-1. Their Spanish-Argentinian opposition never got a word in and will be packing their bags early.

Las Heras/Virseda vs Nogueira/Araujo (6-4 / 6-1)

The only international (non-Spanish or Argentinian) pairing in either bracket, the Portuguese tandem Ana Catarina Nogueira and Sofía Araujo were next. The 11th ranked pair, who made the quarter-finals in Menorca, faced a recently-formed duo in Verónica Virseda and Bárbara Las Heras.

Unexpectedly, it was the two Spaniards who took charge. Winning 6-4 after a long first set, Virseda and Las Heras won the second set with much more ease. They won 6-46-1 to confirm their place among the last 16.

Osoro/Iglesias vs Mesa/Villalba (6-2 / 6-3)

Next up was the seventh-ranked pair of Aránzazu Osoro and Victoria Iglesias against the fierce partnership of Carla Mesa and Mari Carmen Villalba. After having to abandon the Menorca Open quarter-finals through injury, Osoro was determined to make amends.

The Argentinian took Iglesias along as they dispatched Mesa and Villalba, proving the injury was nothing more than a scare. In just under an hour and a half, the game finished 6-2, 6-3.

Bellver/Jensen vs Saiz/Martínez (3-6 / 5-7)

The fourth game of the day featured the newly-forged partnership of Sandra Bellver and 16-year-old Italian sensation Claudia Jensen. They played a duo who had to qualify and feature in their fifth final tournament of the year, Sofía Saiz and Marina Martínez Lobo.

Despite being out-ranked 16th to 29th, it was underdogs and qualifiers Saiz and Martínez who made it through in straight sets. They make the round of 16 for the second time in 2021 as they won 6-3, 7-5.

Amatriaín/Navarro vs Brea/Icardo (1-6 / 4-6)

The best game on paper on Wednesday was between two former number ones, Eli Amatriaín and Carolina Navarro, who played young star duo Tamara Icardo and Delfina Brea.

Despite their wealth of experience, Navarro and Amatriaín were overwhelmed by Brea and Icardo. The young pair, coached by Gaby Reca, took under an hour and a half to dispatch the veterans: 6-1, 6-4.

Galán/Navarro vs Castelló/Collombon (3-6 / 6-7)

Recent champions of the Alfafar Challenger, Alix Collombon and Jessica Castelló, faced a partnership that have joined forces once again in Alba Galán and Teresa Navarro. Galán and Navarro have played in Master Finals together in the past, but were no match to the two-time Challenger winners this season.

The French Collombon and her Spanish counterpart kept their winning streak alive: 6-3, 7-6. For the 12th time this season, they make the round of 16 in a major tournament.

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Polo/Velasco vs Talaván/Rufo (0-6 / 1-6)

The quickest game of the day in either bracket was a face-off between Marta Talaván and Lorena Rufo against newly formed duo Julia Polo and Jimena Velasco, who played through qualifying.

Perhaps tired from having to qualify, the much lower-seeded Polo and Velasco won just one game in the entire match. Talaván and Rufo took care of business: 6-16-0 after just 41 minutes played.

Guinart/Rodríguez vs Alayeto/Alayeto (3-6 / 4-6)

After missing two tournaments, one of the best moments on Wednesday was seeing Atomic Twins Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto back in action. The former number one pair played qualifiers Marina Guinart and Nuria Rodríguez.

The Spanish twins had a successful return to action, playing with their typical intensity and power. Winning 6-36-4, the duo coached by Jorge Martínez are through and amongst the best 16 in Cordoba.

Orsi/Carnicero vs Piltcher/Cánovas (1-6 / 4-6)

Two new pairs faced each other, and two international players faced each other as well; Italian Carolina Orsi with her Spanish partner Esther Carnicero faced Brazilian Raquel Piltcher and Noa Cánovas.

It would be the latter pair who would emerge victorious. Winning in straight sets, Piltcher and Cánovas stay alive in Cordoba as they won 6-1, 6-4 in an hour and 19 minutes.

Ortega/González vs Pérez/Fernández (6-3 / 6-3)

One of the most exciting young duos in the women's rankings, Marta Ortega and Bea González, kicked off their Cordoba Open against two qualifiers in Claudia Fernández and Lucía Pérez Parra.

The number five pair in the world, and the youngest pair in the Top8, had very few problems in this round of 32 after reaching the Menorca Open semi-finals. With pace and power, they won via a double 6-3 to punch their ticket for the round of 16.

Goenaga/Caldera vs Martínez/Bidahorría (6-7 / 3-6)

Another debut pair played in the penultimate game in Lucía Martínez and Julieta Bidahorria, who played a young duo who had to qualify for the Cordoba Open in Bea Caldera and Carmen Goenaga.

Despite it being their first-ever game together, Bidahorria and Martínez played as if they had been alongside each other for much longer. While it took an hour and 45 minutes, Caldera and Goenaga bow out. This one finished 7-6, 6-3.

Cortiles/Clascà vs Cañellas/Godallier (6-4 / 5-7 / 6-1)

The final of the 12 women's Cordoba Open games on Wednesday in the women's bracket saw Anna Cortiles and Xenia Clascà lock horns with 20th seeded Lèa Godallier and Ariadna Cañellas. The two Catalans Cortiles and Clascà took the first set 6-4, but Cañellas and the French Godallier responded by winning set two 5-7. In a game lasting over two hours, the SPanish duo won the third set like they did the first, 6-1.

Have a look below to see how the draw is shaping up at the women's Cervezas Victoria Córdoba Open 2021:

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