Chingotto and Tello, new stars in the World Padel Tour universe [Vídeo]

From qualifying to the semifinals. An epic tournament for Chingotto and Tello

Chingotto and Tello, new stars in the World Padel Tour universe [Vídeo]


The quarter finals of the Valladolid Open 2017 began with Aday Santana and Álvaro Cepero against Federico Chingotto and Juan Tellowho were making their debut in this round. After four games in which every player held on to serve, Santana and Cepero broke in the fifth. Their calm style of play, waiting for the right moment to pounce, started to cause problems for the Argentines. In the seventh game, still affected by the break, Chingotto and Tello were made to pay for their unforced errors and lost their serve once again. In under 36 minutes, the Spanish duo had won the first set 6-2.

Tello and Chingotto didn't give up and broke in the second game of the second set. Juan Tello's powerful aerial play started to make an apperance, igniting Chingotto into live at the same time. With the nerves of the first set buried, the match changed completely. However, Cepero and Santana started to recover and dominate proceedings. In the eighth game, Horacio Álvarez Clementi's men made it 4-4. When everything seemed in favour of the Spaniards, Tello and Chingotto broke in the tenth game and won the first set 6-4, taking the match to a third set.

In the last set, fatigue and the heat turned into a key factor for both pairings, with the number of unforced errors creeping up. There were no breaks in the opening eight game and we had to wait until the tenth game to see Chingotto and Tello make a move towards the semifinals. The number one pairing from Argentina will play in the semifinals of the World Padel Tour for the first time after pulling off the heroic feat of reaching the final four all the way from qualifying.


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