Changes in the rankings after the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master

Important changes in the women's and men's rankings

Changes in the rankings after the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master

A Master doesn't only leave celebrations and spectacular clashes. It also hands out more points than any other event and, therefore, also forces players to defend more points from previous seasons. After stopping in Barcelona, the men's and women's rankings have suffered important changes, and here are some of them:

Men's rankings

In the men's rankings, Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima have increased their lead over Sanyo Gutiérrez and Paquito Navarro from 4010 points to 4290. Franco Stupaczuk (14th) and Cristian Gutiérrez (11th) after reaching their first semifinals together, move up 4 and 3 places respectively. Alejandro Galán and Juan Cruz Belluati have climbed four places to reach 23rd and 24th. Lucho Capra (17) also moves up four places, while his partner Godo Díaz (22) has gone up one. The biggest climber after the tournament in Barcelona is Maty Marina, who has gone up 14 places after reaching the quarter finals alongside Miguel Lamperti and is now 32nd. Finally, José Rico Dasi is the second biggest climber with a rise of eight places.

Women's rankings

Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto have reconquered the number 1 rankingwhich is undoubtedly the most important move in the women's rankings. After their win at the Estrella Damm Barcelona Masterthe players coached by Jorge Martínez take back the number 1 ranking which belonged to Marta Marrero and Alejandra SalazarBesides the change at the top, there are no movers until 17th. The biggest climber is Paula Eyheraguibel who has climbed eight places to 29th. Isabel Dominguez (27th) moves up six places, while Vanesa Alonso (26th) has gone up four.

After the Madrid Challenger, both the women and the men return to action at the Valladolid Open.

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