CDMX Open 2021 breaks English viewership record with launch of WorldPadelTourTV

CDMX Open 2021 breaks English viewership record with launch of WorldPadelTourTV

The CDMX Open 2021 has become the most-viewed English World Padel Tour event ever. With the help of the launch of WorldPadelTourTV, where English coverage now starts from the round of 16 onwards, it is also the first time the 300,000-view barrier has been passed.

11 matches were broadcast live with English commentary, more than ever before. It does not come as a surprise then that the record for total views for an event was broken in the same week.

The new record is also an indicator of the upward trajectory padel is enjoying worldwide. As the fastest-growing competition in the world, live viewing numbers on YouTube in English have gone up by 18.3% in 2021 on average. Furthermore, if you only include the viewing numbers from after the summer break, average viewership has increased by 40.6% compared to last year.

CDMX Open's record-breaking numbers

At time of writing, the CDMX Open's English streams have been viewed a total of 300,251 times. 46,911 of these came on WorldPadelTourTV in its first tournament, and the other 253,340 on YouTube. Unsurprisingly, the newly added round of 16 was the most-watched round on WorldPadelTourTV.

The CDMX Open semi-finals were the most-seen round, with over 104,000 views. Sunday's final in Mexico City drew over 80,000 views in English, while the quarter-finals garnered 98,000 views.

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Eight of the ten most-viewed events took place in 2021. After the new number one, the most-viewed events on YouTube are the Menorca Open (298,983), Cascais Master (297,363) and the Malmö Padel Open (291,683)

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