Cata Tenorio and Marta Marrero accept the Alayetos' challenge

Third tournament together, third final

Cata Tenorio and Marta Marrero accept the Alayetos' challenge

In the afternoon, it was time to decide who would accompany the Sanchez Alayeto sisters in the final in Seville. Battling for that honour were Marta Ortega - Ariana Sánchez and Marta Marrero - Cata Tenorio.

In the two opening games, both pairings tested each other out, but the first break came in the third game for Cata and Marta. They consolidated in the following game to make it 3-1 and that distance would maintain itself until 4-3, when Ortega and Sanchez responded and forced the set into a tiebreak. A tiebreak in which experience overcame the rebellion. Marrero and Tenorio claimed the first set.

In the second set, both pairings looked to play out a similar set to the first. But Juan Alday's players came it even more aggressive. With Marrero's power and Cata Tenorio's defence, they broke at the same stage than in the first set (3-1). This time the young world number 5 pairing reacted quickly to break back and make it 3-3. The moment went into a crazy phase in which both pairings exchanged breaks, but the outcome would be the same as in the first set. 6-4 to Marta Marrero and Cata Tenorio, who will take on Mapi and Majo Sanchez Alayeto in another final.

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