Capra and Ruiz announce promising new partnership for 2022

Luciano Capra and Javi Ruiz will team up for the 2022 World Padel Tour season after breaking up with their respective pairs.

Capra and Ruiz announce promising new partnership for 2022

Luciano Capra and Javi Ruiz have announced their partnership for the upcoming World Padel Tour season.

Both Capra and Ruiz come from playing with former number ones, Capra with Maxi Sánchez and Ruiz with Pablo Lima.

Sánchez and Lima made their new marriage public in early January. This meant they left Capra and Ruiz, who have now decided to link up with one another.

Capra and Ruiz's previous partners

Lucho Capra and Maxi Sánchez were together for all of 2021, winning the Valladolid Master - Capra's first-ever tournament win.

He would add another win at the Ibereólica Lerma Challenger 2021, albeit without Sánchez, who was ranked too high to participate - only players outside of the top 16 can participate in Challengers.

The two Argentinians would end the year as the seventh seed at the Estrella Damm Master Final, where they fell in straight sets to number ones Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán.

Ruiz had a long-lasting partnership with Uri Botello stretching several seasons, but the two Spaniards parted ways early into the 2021 campaign. Ruiz would play briefly with teenager Arturo Coello in 2021 until switching to three-time number one Lima.

Lima and Ruiz showed flashes of good play but could not translate it into any success, never getting past the quarter-final stage in the six tournaments they played as a pair.

Ruiz eventually felt short in The Race 2021 and did not make the Master Final, leaving Lima to play it with debutant Momo González.

How do you see Capra and Ruiz perform in 2022?

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