Legend Seba Nerone bids farewell as Buenos Aires Padel Master gets underway

Legend Seba Nerone bids farewell as Buenos Aires Padel Master gets underway

The first half of the Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32 is in the books as the Argentinian event got underway on Tuesday, with legend Seba Nerone playing his final-ever tournament.

One local hero has already been eliminated, while Argentinian legend Seba Nerone also played his wild card game of his final tournament as a professional.

Without further ado, this is what happened on Tuesday at the Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32! (or watch the video in Spanish)

Silingo/Sanz VS Ruiz/Alonso

Centre court at La Rural opened the final Master of 2021 with Agustín G. Silingo and Jon Sanz facing Edu Alonso and Víctor Ruiz. The first Argentinian to play in the event, Silingo and his partner Sanz stepped on the gas in the opening set. They thumped Ruiz and Alonso 6-1.

While the second set was more equal, with the Spanish duo Ruiz and Alonso putting up more of a fight, the first set's winners would eventually shine through again. At the final time of asking, Silingo and Sanz broke serve to make it 7-5 and get their spot in the round of 16.

Gutiérrez/Barahona VS  Quílez/Bueno

Court 2 saw its first use as Agustín Gutiérrez - Javier Glez. Barahona and Marc Quílez - Toni Bueno locked horns on the 20 by 10.

Gutiérrez and Barahona played with great confidence to start the match off. The Spanish-Argentinian combination needed just the one break to mark the difference, winning the set 6-4.

It looked to be heading to a third set, until a tie-break was eventually forced. Quílez and Bueno failed to take their opportunity and would be punished for it. Gutiérrez and Barahona took the reins in the tie-break and finished the match in straight sets: 6-4, 7-6 (4).

Mieres/Díaz VS Cepero/Méndez

La Rural then saw two Spaniards in Álvaro Cepero – Rafael Méndez play two Argentinians in Juan Mieres – Mati Díaz, playing in front of their home crowd.

There was a lot of respect between the two pairs in the opening set to starts things off. Cepero and Méndez were the first ones to strike, however, winning crucial gold points to mark the difference. Winning the opening set 6-3, they were surprised in the second set. Mieres and Díaz gave the Spaniards a taste of their own medicine, winning it by the same scoreline: 3-6.

With an hour and 10 minutes played after two sets, the third frame saw a return to what the crowd witnessed an hour earlier. Cepero and Méndez managed to regain complete control in the match.

While Mieres and and Díaz is a winning partnership, it did not prove on this occasion. They were again beaten 6-3 in the final set, as they were in the first. Their dream in Buenos Aires is over, while Cepero and Méndez's is still alive.

Martínez/Zaratiegui VS Rico/Leal

The second match on court 2 on Tuesday saw the 22nd-ranked pair in Javier Martínez and Iñigo Zaratiegui play the 17th-ranked duo in José Rico and Javier Leal.

A well-matched rivalry, the first set was always going to be close and decided by the finer margins. Martínez and Zaratiegui did exactly that and found a way through at the death of the first set.

The second set looked to go in a similar direction. Rico and Leal did not down their tools by any sense, but could simply not cobble a way through. Martínez and Zaratiegui were gaining confidence, fuelled by their victory in the first set. They got the break again, and it proved sufficient. Seeing out the set 6-4, they were through to the round of 16 at the cost of Rico and Leal.

Lamperti/Yanguas VS Belluati/Moyano

Centre court at La Rural saw the tournament debut of local hero Miguel Lamperti and his partner Miguel Yanguas. The Mikes faced an all-Argentinian duo in Juan Cruz Belluati and Ramiro Moyano.

Lamperti and Yanguas started the match on the front foot, egged on by the crowd, and struck first as they broke serve and won the set convincingly 3-6.

The second set was more equal, Belluati and Moyano finding their footing while gaining confidence as the set went on. In the crucial moments, they grabbed their opportunities. They forced a decider as they won 6-3 in the second set.

In the final frame, the Argentinian tandem only grew stronger, Lamperti and Yanguas desperately trying to stop the bleeding. It was to no avail, however, as Belluati claimed it 6-4 to knock out local hero Lamperti.

Gil/Moya VS  Marcos/García

Next up were Xisco Gil – Jesús Moya up against Raúl Marcos – Javier García at court 2 looking for a round of 16 ticket.

Marcos and García were the better pair in the first set, winning it 4-6 and carrying momentum in the second set. Or so it seemed, because Gil and Moya hit back with force in the second set, breaking at will and winning it with authority: 6-2.

In another three-setter, the final frame was the closest one. Gil and Moya would prove the more resilient duo in the end, striking late to win 7-5. Their Buenos Aires Padel Master adventure stays alive as the Spaniards advance to the round of 16.

Diestro/Cano VS Seba Nerone/Grabiel

The final match of the first day in Buenos Aires finished with one of the most emotional matches in World Padel Tour history. It was the goodbye of a padel legend in former number one Seba Nerone. In what he announced to be his final tournament as a professional, he lined up one more time alongside Maxi Grabiel, facing Pincho Fernández Cano and José Antonio García Diestro.

The Spanish duo dominated the first set, winning it with relative ease: 6-2. Nerone and Grabiel puffed out their chests in the second set, putting up a fight. It was level for the first half, but eventually, Cano and Diestro found the breakthrough. They won 6-4 to end the over two-decade long career of former number one and multiple world champion Seba Nerone.

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