'Brothers in arms'

Brothers and sisters who share their passion for padel

'Brothers in arms'

Our next protagonists carry the padel in the DNA. A passion for the best padel in the world which has led them to make the leap to the World Padel Tour circuit. They are elite players, but they are not the only ones in their family. Some share track and destination with their brothers or sisters, and others cross in fratricidal duels. Meet some of the most illustrious sagas of the world padel, a fraternity that makes the best padel in the world a family affair.

Majo - Mapi Sánchez Alayeto - Finales Estrella de Levante Murcia Open

Topping this list, as they do with the female ranking, two sisters, twins for more, the world's number one, Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto. A whole sporting life sharing destiny and also joys in the track. The most famous sisters of the circuit can boast of having conquered the top of the world padel. A fraternity that is synonymous with success at the highest level.

Carla - Sabela Barciela - Preprevia Lugo Open 2018 - World Padel Tour

Interestingly, the "atomic twins" are not the only ones who share until the birthday. The girls Carla and Sabela Barciela Rodríguez also share with Alayeto the initial transit from tennis to padel and have been taking part in the circuit since the 2014 season.

Matías Díaz Sangiorgio

Few sagas have the talent and the record of the Diaz Sangiorgio. They are Matías and Gonzalo Díaz, a family that breathes padel on all four sides. Both players were formed under the orders of a pioneering technician like his father, Roberto Díaz. Two players who have become a benchmark for more than a decade. Curiously and despite the close link, Mati and Godo represent two different ways of understanding the padel at its highest level. The class, the imagination and the magic of Godo, contrasts with the claw, power and always orderly reading the game of Maty. They have never shared track in a professional level, a fact that has led them to see each other's faces on many occasions. A fact that both confess is not entirely pleasant.


There are also 'sagas' that extend their stamp to both categories. There is a fraternity that accumulates a remarkable and successful presence in both the feminine and masculine circuits. The family Galán-Romo can boast of having in their ranks with two winners of the prize for the player and the revelation player of a season. Alejandro and Alba Galán are already part of the elite of their respective circuits. Talent, power and a passion for padel that they share almost from their first steps. Another of the family duos that has a presence in the Estrella Damm Master Final, two "Galánticos" brothers.

We find more dynasties with presence in both circuits, such as Tamara and Sergio IcardoRaúl and Sara Marcos or one of the young promises of the female padel as Carmen Goenaga who with her brother Enrique participates in the circuit that brings together the best players on the planet.

The line with the most representation in the elite is represented by the sisters Navarro López-Barajas. With Teresa as a leader (she has already played 2 Estrella Damm Master Final) the family from Granada is completed with the presence of María and Pilar. In the last Granada Open 2018, family took part in the tournament. 3 generations present on the tracks of the best padel in the world.

Rarely they have shared track a professional level, but the brothers José and Javier Rico share a huge personality on the court and tremendous qualities to be in the elite. Another of the fraternal duels that are characterized by their intensity and rivalry. Brothers and friends off the track and fierce rivals within the 20x10.

Finally we find Juan Cruz Belluati, who has been the great leap in the world elite. A goal that surely shares with his brother Patricio Nahuel Belluati who also knows what it is to take part in the hard qualifying phases of the big events.


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