Breath taking start to the morning session of the last sixteen at the WOpen

The favourites don't slip up at the Reebok Sports Club La Finca

Breath taking start to the morning session of the last sixteen at the WOpen

A big day at the Reebok Sports Club La Finca, where the top four pairings in the World Padel Tour made their debut at the Madrid WOpenThe target was to reach the quarter finals.

Llaguno/Amatriaín vs Berl/Martínez

The last sixteen began on centre court with Patricia Llaguno and Elisabet Amatriaín taking on Alicia Berl and Araceli Martínez, who were in this round for the first time as a pairing. A break in the first game was a clear sign of intentions from the fifth seeds. They dominated the opening set from start to finish and only needed 30 minutes to win 6-0. The Spanish/Argentine duo had to wait until the third game of the second set to finally get off the mark but that would be their only game of the entire match. Llaguno and Amatriain raced away, winning 6-1 in just an hour.

Eli Amatriaín - Patty Llaguno - Octavos Madrid WOpen

Brito/Osoro vs Iglesias Navarro

aTheir was a scent of revenge from Lisbon in the air as Nela Brito and Aránzazu Osoro faced Teresa Navarro and Victoria IglesiasThe Argentines defeated the Spaniards in Portugal and, just like in that match, the first set was extremely tight. This time, though, it was Navarro and Iglesias who edged the first set 7-5 just as a tiebreak was looming. This spurred them on and they started the second set off very strongly, opening up a 4-0 lead. That was more than enough for them to hold on for a 6-2 victory.

Abrazo Victoria Iglesias - Teresa Navarro - Octavos Madrid WOpen

Marrero/Salazar vs Alonso/Domínguez

The first seeds to feature in this WOpen were Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar who took on Vanesa Alonso and Isabel Domínguez. The Galician duo was quickly overwhelmed by the power, speed and quality of a pairing looking for its third title this season. In just 21 minutes, the score was 4-0. Alonso and Dominguez regained some dignity by avoiding a bagel but lost 6-1. The team coached by Juan Alday didn't take its foot off the gas and once again won 6-1 in just 56 minutes.

Ramírez/Segura vs Navarro/Reiter

The second match on court 1 was between a young up and coming pairing and one of the most experienced on tour: Elena Ramírez - Raquel Segura versus Cecilia Reiter - Carolina NavarroThe start of the first set had ups and downs until Reiter and Navarro decided to take the reigns in the sixth game. In 45 minutes, they were sitting down with a one set advantage, having won 6-3. They employed the same recipe in the second set and it must be said that Ramirez and Segura never faded away. The fact is, they were simply up against a better pairing on the day and lost 6-4.

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