Breaking down the different tournaments of the 2023 WPT calendar

Breaking down the different tournaments of the 2023 WPT calendar

With new changes in the points system and the format, we go into more detail of the 2023 World Padel Tour calendar below.

Three Open 500 events have been added, a new format for players and fans alike.

Between the Open 1000 events, Open 500, Master and Master Final, there will be 27 tournaments throughout the year in 14 different countries.

Check out the most important new changes and tweaks below!


The five Masters in 2023

2023 starts off with a bang as the first of the five Master events is on the menu.

The Abu Dhabi Padel Master is followed later in the season by Masters in MarbellaValladolidMadrid and Buenos Aires.

Winners of a Master now get a whopping 2.000 points each, 300 more than last season, while the runners-up bag 1.200 points. A semi-final exit would still mean 720 points per player.


Open 1000 events in 2023

The bulk of the 2023 calendar consists of Open 1000 events - 18 of the 27 tournaments, to be exact.

As the name suggests, winning an Open 1000 grants a player 1.000 points. 11 different countries will host an Open 1000 in 2023.

The losing finalist still bag 600 points, while semi-finalists take 360 points. These are all the same tallies as for Open events in seasons past, meaning it will be familiar for players and fans.


Open 500: The new format

New in 2023 are the Open 500 events. This is a new format that lies between the Open 1000 and the Challenger, looking to give lower-ranked players a chance to catch up to the top.

There will be three of them in the 2023 campaign in ReusAlicante and Santander.

Points are halved in the later rounds compared to the Open 1000: semi-finalists get 180 points, finalists 300, and the winners 500.

Between the three categories, here is how the points break down from the semi-finals onwards:


Challenger events to be announced

Additionally, there will be Challenger events added to the 2023 calendar as well in due course.

The format made for lower-ranked players will continue to form an important part of the season, as it has done since 2015.

This will complement what will already be the biggest and most international year in World Padel Tour history.

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