Breakdown: How the rankings can change at the Master Final

Breakdown: How the rankings can change at the Master Final

A lot is still at stake heading into the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master Final 2022 in the women's rankings.

The fight for number one is still up in the air, while all spots behind the three-seed are too in contention.

Only Marta Ortega and Bea Gonzalez have cemented their place in the rankings already heading into the Master Final, but every single player will desperately want to win the most coveted title of the season.

Below, we break down how many places each player can gain and lose at the Sant Jordi!

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Sanchez/Josemaria, Salazar/Triay

Best outcome: #1

Worst outcome: #3

For Ari SanchezPaula JosemariaGemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar, the task is straightforward: better the others' result, and you are the number one.

The current gap between Sanchez and Josemaria in first, and Salazar and Triay in second is just 185 points.

Ale and Gemma would have to 'just' beat Ari and Paula's result. If they lose in the same round, Sanchez and Josemaria would keep their advantage and end the year as the number ones of the world.

If both pairs make it to the final, like they have done in the last four tournaments, it would be a direct fight for top spot.



Best outcome: #5

Worst outcome: #5

For Marta Ortega and Bea Gonzalez, no ranking positions are at stake at the Master Final.

They are 7.237 points removed from Salazar and Triay above them, but also 2.838 points above Virginia Riera below them.

Whether they win it or crash out in the first round, Ortega and Gonzalez will finish 2022 as the number three pairing.


Riera/Llaguno, Sainz/Marrero, Osoro/Iglesias, Las Heras/Virseda, Alayeto/Alayeto

Best outcome: #7

Worst outcome: #16

Only 1.420 points separate four-seed Virginia Riera and Patricia Llaguno and eight-seed Mapi and Majo Sanchez Alayeto.

A maximum of 2.600 points (1.300 each) up for grabs and a minimum of 470 (235 each), meaning the five couples between four and eight can all still interchange.

Four-time number ones Mapi and Majo have won the Master Final three times before, and will have to do so again next week to climb up the rankings.

While Lucia Sainz and Marta Marrero are no longer together, they will temporarily return as a couple and could finish the season on a high. The last time either of them made a final was at last year's Master Final.

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