Botello and Ruiz end Silingo and Lima's hopes

Another semifinal appearance for the Spanish duo

Botello and Ruiz end Silingo and Lima's hopes

The second place in the semifinals of the Portugal Masters was up for grabs between Pablo Lima - Agustín Gómez Silingo and Uri Botello - Javi Ruíz. In the first set there was a clear dominator. Pablo Lima proved that he wants to continue ruling men's padel and he couldn't afford to let his focus slip at any moment. Next to him was a tireless Silingo who executed a near flawless set. After their early break, Lima and Silingo kept their advantage until the end to win 6-3.

In the second set, there was another version of Ruiz and Botello. Raul Arias's players got themselves into it on the back of Uri's intelligent movement and Ruiz's efficiency. Silingo and Lima started to struggle. The Spaniards broke in the fourth game and went on to win 6-3.

One final set would decide the semifinalists. Uri Botello anad Javi Ruiz were fired up and broke right at the start. Silingo and Lima tired to recover but they were given no options. Another 6-3 for Ruiz and Botello who are back in the semifinals.



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