Belasteguin's word: the man behind the legend

A sincere Bela reveals his most intimate side

Belasteguin's word: the man behind the legend

Shortly after the third millennium of our era began, a young Argentine born in Pehuajó became the world number one of padel alongside Juan Martin Diaz. Since then, Fernando Belasteguín hasn't lost his crown. In November of 2017, and alongside his partner Pablo Lima, he ended the year as world number for the sixteenth year running. A look back in images of his sixteen years of triumphs and experiences. "The World Padel Tour is the tour that made padel professional and it's really grown in quality in the last two years. I don't know if I'm the best of all time. My mum didn't come to watch me for years because she didn't like the way I behaved on court", confesses Fernando Belasteguin.




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