Andalusian magic aplenty for new duo Lebrón-Navarro

This new pairing will put Lebron back on the forehand court

Andalusian magic aplenty for new duo Lebrón-Navarro

With the 2019 season looming, it's time to look at what we can expect from the new year on the World Padel Tour. One of the new pairings which has raised most expectations is Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón. A 100% Andalusian duo which will undoubtedly guarantee a huge spectacle.

This coming together of two backhand court players will mean that Juan Lebrón will have to adapt to the forehand court. A side he hasn't played on since his junior years and which represents, perhaps, the only question mark regarding the potential of this pairing. Lebron is on the back of his best season as a professional on the World Padel Tour. In 2018, he started alongside Juan Cruz Belluati and ended with a legend of the game such as Juan Martín Díaz. In total he reached two finals, in Badalona and Mijas, and qualified for his first ever Estrella Damm Master Final. Talent, speed and an endless array of shots make him one of the most dangerous players on tour.

Meanwhile, Paquito Navarro played in 2018 with Juan Martín Díaz, who he reached three finals with, before ending the season with Pablo Lima and Juan Cruz Belluati at the Master. He won his only title of the year in Bilbao with Lima. His competitve edge, his energy and power on court have made him the best ranked Spanish player for years and also ensure that he will always be a candidate to win at every event. Just like in 2018, Navarro has looked for a huge change to maintain himself at the top. This is how Navarro announced his new project for the upcoming season:


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