All ready for the Estrella Damm Open 2020!

Closed the list of registration for the tournament

All ready for the Estrella Damm Open 2020!

The countdown is coming to an end and there is less and less for the blue heart of the World Padel Tour to beat again. Only a few days, a few hours for the best raquets on the planet to return to the track. And the first step is already taken. Registrations for the Estrella Damm Open 2020 have closed this Tuesday. All the players are ready to start a new stage, possibly the most awaited so far after the difficult situation they have gone through.

A stage that arrives loaded with news. Madrid Arena will witness the return after injury of Juan Martín Díaz, who will debut as a duo with Lucas Campagnolo. After more than a year off the tracks, in which he had to undergo an operation for his knee injury, the ¡galleguito' now reappears in the most anticipated tournament of the year. With the protected ranking, he will start as seeded eight with the Brazilian.

Juan Martín Díaz 2 - Cuartos - Logroño Open 2019

In addition, Paquito Navarro will debut the number 1 solo for the first time and together with his partner Pablo Lima, he will seek his second title of the year. A show guaranteed in the tightest fight for the throne in recent times, to which the very young Juan Lebrón and Ale Galán arrive with more desire than ever to conquer their first tournament as a couple.

In the female category, Marta Marrero will debut alone at number 1. A privileged place that the Canary Islands will occupy after winning her first 2020 title in Marbella. However, the first in the ranking will continue to be Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez, who exceed in points to Marrero and Josemaría. The Spanish capital will also become a special stage for Delfi Brea, who in the first tournament was unable to play the quarterfinals due to an abdominal injury. Fully recovered, Argentina will fight from 5th place in the classification along with Ana Catarina Nogueira for reaching the top. In addition, Elena Ramírez will miss the long-awaited return to competition, since she will have to undergo surgery for a shoulder injury. Ari Cañellas, the one who was going to be her partner, will finally play with Helena Wyckaert.

In short, a date full of news that you can not miss. Check the full list of registered here.

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