Álex Ruiz and Martín Sánchez Piñeiro will team up in 2019

A duo full of power and illusion

Álex Ruiz and Martín Sánchez Piñeiro will team up in 2019

Looking ahead to the 2019, we will focus on the analysis of one of the new binomials that will begin their journey in this year. A couple 100% Spanish of young people who seek their definitive consecration among the best. We speak of Martín Sánchez Piñeiro and Álex Ruiz, a duo that hopes that 2019 will be the year of fighting for big dreams. A new formation for two players with desire to vindicate and demonstrate that they are able to climb one more competitive rung. Power, enthusiasm and ambition in equal parts to face the course.

Martín Sánchez Piñeiro (A Coruña, España. 26/10/1992)

He would begin last year playing alongside a Spanish padel legend, Willy Lahoz, to finish it sharing the track for the third time in his career with the pacense José Antonio García Diestro. It would be with the left-handed player with whom Piñeiro would achieve his best result of the course, in the Buenos Aires Padel Master, the pair would reach the quarterfinals, an instance that both achieved for the second time in their careers after reaching it in 2017 in Andorra. "El Martillo" is ready to keep hitting hard this course. His dream; knock down the barrier of the quarterfinals.

Martín Piñeiro - Dieciseisavos de final Buenos Aires Padel Master

Alejandro Ruiz Granados (Málaga, España. 12/06/1994)

His journey last season started next to a reference as Agustín Gómez Silingo. Along with the emblematic player, Álex Ruiz achieved a quarterfinal at the Zaragoza Open as the best result, also reaching the final of Melilla Challenger. In the final stretch of the season, two young traveling companions, shared track with the player, Javier Garrido and reappeared after injury, Agustin Tapia. Power, reach and control from the drive, will be again the tricks of a player whose maximum potential is yet to be exhibited.

Alex Ruiz 2 - Octavos Estrella de Levante Murcia Open

In this way Álex Ruiz communicated his new sports project:


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