Ale and Ari knock down the wall of 'Las Martas'

They beat Ortega and Marrero for the first time 7-5 / 2-6 / 7-5 and win their second title

Ale and Ari knock down the wall of 'Las Martas'

For the third time in the season a final faced Marta Marrero and Marta Ortega against Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez. The scenario, this time, was la Catedral de la Asunción, and at stake, the Alisea Ledus Jaén Open. The first two fell on the side of Las Martas, so Ale and Ari sought his revenge in Jaén.

Both couples started strong with their service and in the fourth game the tables were still showing on the scoreboard. But soon a very solid Alejandra and a very concentrated Ariana were going to achieve the break in the fifth. A break that would consolidate, but the Martas were going to respond to them in the same way, to return the tie to the match. The equality then took hold of the last bars of the first set, which finally fell on the side of Manu Martin's girls 7-5.

Las Martas reacted quickly in the second chapter and without giving hardly options to their rivals, they leaded the first four games. In the fifth, Ale and Ari recovered one of the missed breaks and cut distances minutes later adding their second game to the scoreboard. And although Sanchez and Salazar didn´t give up, Marrero and Ortega finally managed to force the third set with a convincing 2-6.

The ones trained by Manu Martín started the last set in the best way, breaking the service of Las Martas and consolidating that initial advantage in the second game. Juan Alday tried to revert the situation, but Ari & Ale would keep that margin until the eighth, which saw the tie of the set  by Marrero and Ortega. However, this time it was going to be Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez who put in another gear to win Las Martas for the first time with a 7-5 and lift their second title of the season.




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