Aiming to grind a way to the top

Marta Ortega dreams of making it to the top alongside Ariana Sanchez

Aiming to grind a way to the top

Marta Ortega is without a doubt one of the gems of women's padel. A player that aspires to reach the top of the rankings alongside Ariana Sanchez. After a solid 2016 and even better 2017, which included a title and a final appearance at the Master Final, 2018 hasn't started as planned. The youn pairing proved they have a lot of quality and every shot in their locker but now they're aiming to consolidate their privileged position and achieve the results that will help them get back to the top.

They broke into the top four in 2017, climbing above Patty and Eli. Now they're back in fifth and they have to fight hard to dust themselves down and reclaim their spot. Martita combines her professional padel career with a very demanding university degree: Medicine. Exams, stand-bys and not much time to sleep mixed with demanding training sessions and tournaments. A tough task for a world class player and future doctor, who is capable of tackling every obstacle.




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