Agustín Tapia: the birth of a star

Agustín Tapia confirmed himself in the first tournament of 2018

Agustín Tapia: the birth of a star

It happened at the Estrella Damm Catalunya Master. During the first event of 2018, the padel world witnessed the birth of a star. In Argentina they knew all about him and not many got the chance to see him play at the 2017 Buenos Aires Padel Master, where he received a wild card. This season, Marcello Jardim sealed a deal to play with him and the Brazilian's points were enough to allow Agustín Tapia to play in the main draw. He left his home in Catamarca (1200km away from Buenos Aires) at the age of 16. If he wanted a future in padel, he hade to make that decision sooner rather than later, and he said goodbye to his parents with a racket in his hand. At 18, he's already amongst the best players in the world.


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