Agustín Tapia, a new "padawan" for Marcello Jardim

One of the rising stars of Argentine padel will take on his first full season on the World Padel Tour alongside the experienced Brazilian

Agustín Tapia, a new

With the 2018 season on the horizon, the new pairings for the new campaign are starting to shape up. Another season with the veteran Brazilian Marcello Jardimwho will team up with a very young partner who he will try to guide in his early years as a professional. We're talking about one of the gems of Argentine padel, Agustín Tapiawho is just 19 and one of the hopes of his nation. A player who is looking to grow next to the master Jardim. The Brazilian has already helped young stars in the past such as Juan Lebrón or Franco Stupaczuk. In 2018 it's Tapia's turn and the task, yet again, is to compete with the best pairings.

Marcello Jardim started 2017 with Juan Lebrón and finished with Federico Quiles. In the end, Jardim couldn't match his results from 2016 with Stupa and his 2030 points left hims 22nd in the rankings and just outside the Master. On the other hand, Agustin Tapia played six tournaments on the World Padel Tour and racked up 353 points.

A courageous blend of experience and youth, with a touch of talen and ambition, that will take on the best pairings in the world. The eternal Jardim and the promising Agus Tapia will undoubtedly be a pairing to look out for.


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