A new image for a new era

The World Padel Tour modernizes its image to face its future challenges

A new image for a new era

The World Padel Tour, a worldwide reference in padel, has changed its image to try and adapt it to the new era of the sport. The professional tour has parted ways with old stereotypes and is now looking towards a more modern look, gender-free, flexible and adapted to a digital world. Values that represent the evolution that padel is undergoing in recent times. Five years after its inception, the World Padel Tour takes on the challenge of taking padel into a new era. The improvement of the corporate image represents an important step as it goes with the evolution of the playing surface, the court, the ball, the lighting and the way in which padel is transmitted to the public.





The WPT has decided to go one step further with its inoovation, leaving behind a style and set of colours that various sports adopted decades ago, to find a more modern, flexible, gender-free and digitally adaptable image. "The change of our logo is a symbol of the evolution of the World Padel Tour" said Mario Hernando, managing director of the World Padel Tour. "The tour is its fifth year under this organization. Five years that have seen us gain recognition as the elite of this sport around the world", he concluded.

The World Padel Tour is looking to integrate the professional tour within padel's current environment. "Our tour must have an image that represents energy, dynamism and gender equality within a sport that continues to grow", said Mario Hernando.

Spanish company, Relevance, carried out the design of the new logo fro the World Padel Tour. A modern image which includes the most characteristic symbols of this sport, the walls, on which the tour's name is projected in new colours.

Despite this change of image, the World Padel Tour maintains its identity and values, which it aims to extend around the world. A global and modern identity which integrates everyone for a sport and professional tour that looks to be a global phenomenon.

Welcome to the new era of world padel. Welcome to the World Padel Tour!

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