A meteoric rise: the players that improved the most in 2017

Players that have flown up the rankings

A meteoric rise: the players that improved the most in 2017

En route to the top, with the intention of improving every day. That's what's spurred these players on in 2017. From pre qualifying to qualifying and from there to the main draw and centre court. No one can deny that 2017 was the year they took off and here are the rankings to prove it:


Below are the players that improved their ranking the most since the start of the season:

Fede Chingotto - Juan Tello - Dieciseisavos - Sevilla Open 2017

  • Tello and Chingotto: After their first whole season on the World Padel Tour, Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto have confirmed the expectations surrounding them. 2017 was their take off year. A meteoric rise of 46 places in the rankings, moving from 63rd to 17th and just outside the Master Final. 

Juan Restivo - Octavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

  • Juan Manuel Restivo: The young Argentine played more matches than anyone else on tour in 2017 (66) and climbed 45 places in the rankings. First with Jose Rico and then Di Nenno, his journey took him from 83rd to 38th in the rankings with a total of 1262 points.

Juan Cruz Belluati - Ale Galán - Dieciseisavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

  • Galán and Belluati: From almost being unknown to the top ten. From playing qualifying to the Estrella Damm Master Final. And all in under a year. That's what Alejandro Galán and Juan Cruz Belluati experienced in 2017. They've improved 41 and 42 places respectively. In 2018 they will go their separate ways but 2017 will be etched in their memories forever, reaching 10th place in the rankings.

Nacho Gadea - Germán Tamame - Dieciseisavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

    • Gadea and Tamame: 2017 was the year of redemption for this pairing that won't stay on together for 2018. After having experienced a dip in form, they brought out the best in each other as a pairing. They won the Marseille Challenger and rocketed up the rankings. Ignacio González Gadea moved up 26 places, while Germán Tamame climbed 25. They won't share a court next year but they will share the same rankings at the start of the year: 31st.

Lucas Bergamini - Previas Madrid - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

Finally, Lucas Bergamini completed his first season on tour and reached 47th place in the rankings, getting off to the best start possible and setting a high bar for the upcoming season.

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