7 rules you didn't know about the WPT rules

7 rules you didn't know about the WPT rules

The World Padel Tour game rules include all the rules that must be followed during a match in any Tournament on the Circuit. A repertoire of rules related to all aspects of the game. Meet some of the most curious in this compilation:

1. The moment a player's racket string breaks while the ball is in play, he will automatically lose the point.

2. When a play takes place outside the court, if a player inadvertently prevents (either by contact or obstruction) the ball hit by the opposing player, a LET will be applied.

3. If a player voluntarily gets in the way of an opponent's path trying to play an outside ball, he will lose the point and may receive disciplinary action.

4. The players of a pair will not be able to touch the opposite court, nor the objects that are in it, nor to the rivals. There is only one exception: that they contact a player who intentionally tries to disturb with some movement the hitting of a ball that is close to the net, in which case the one who has tried to disturb will lose the point.

5. If, as a consequence of the external game, any player should leave the court with the intention of hitting the ball, he must return to it as soon as possible, not delaying beyond the time strictly necessary.

6. The egg ball in the area of ​​the door frame and the side fence of the track will be considered bad.

7. No player may touch the outside of the court, except the fence of the door of their own court.

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