The evolution of professional padel

The evolution of professional padel

In recent years we have incorporated many young players who's skill will ensure the replacements that will meet the demands of the magnificent World Padel Tour professional circuit in the near future.

They are gaining experience from the legendary players Fernando Belasteguin, Juan Martin Díaz, Seba Nerone, Cristian Gutiérrez, Maxi Grabiel, Matías Díaz, Gastón Malacalza, Gaby Reca, Willy Lahoz, Miguel Lamperti, Marcelo Jardim, Juani Mieres, Pablo Lima, Maxi Sánchez, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Adrián Allemandi, Aday Santana, Jordi Muñoz, Godo Díaz, Fer Poggi, amongst others.

Maybe you will wonder why name all these players. I do so because I believe that each of them has contributed something positive to the sport and have helped to enrich and develop the game skill we see on today's courts.

These successful role models, individually and along their respective partners, have incorporated various styles, different strokes, studied tactical, physical and mental aspects.

The first signs came from Paquito Navarro, Maty Marina, Alex Ruiz, Ramiro Moyano, Uri Botello, Javier Concepción, Nacho Gadea, Gonzalo Rubio, Andoni Bardasco, Jaime Bergareche, Juan Lebrón, Lucas Silva, who in varying degrees are gradually reaching the competitive level of the players above.

The new players are getting a taste of the first qualifying rounds and local tournaments, and are demonstrating their skill and even begin to challenge many of the players of the main draw.

This new blood that has been injected into the circuit, in addition to the changes made in the top pairs, all experienced players, guarantees that the padel spectacle will continue for many years.

All these dreams and projects would not be possible without the magnificent facilities World Padel Tour organizes for every event, while ensuring that the players can live decently off of collecting awards (being a young sport as it is), contributing towards a positive framework and seducing sponsors to be announced within our events.

Also favored by this ambitious project are trainers and coaches, myself included, club owners, padel manufacturers, sports clothing, courts and an infinity of items related to this sport.

We must not forget the work World Padel Tour has made contributing towards social networking, including online viewing, have made it possible for fans to watch amazing matches through live streaming, enabling viewers to enjoy them with the most enthusiasm and passion.

And to top it off, WPT is working on its international expansion, attracting new countries to contribute to the growth of padel in the world and to demonstrate the incredible spectacle that can be offered by our professionals.

Another positive aspect is the training work the sports schools of private padel clubs and municipalities are doing, consolidating their work with the youngest keeping in mind that they are the base of the pyramid.

Moreover, parents are beginning to realize that their children can start playing "padel first" and stop listening to the well extended myth that one should first learn tennis before moving on to padel, making them lose a significant time and possibly contributing to a traumatic change or incapability to adapt to the different movements and handles.

For all that I have mentioned above and thanks to all that I have lived within this sport (1985-2015), I believe and am convinced that we are on the right track.

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