Sprained Medial Collateral Ligament

Sprained Medial Collateral Ligament

In the case that concerns us today, the MCL sprain (MCL), we must consider if the athlete must continue competing. If it is a first degree sprain or second degree, it might be possible, but always taking into account both the preparation for the match and the recovery from the injury, affecting either tendons or muscles in the short or long-term ...

We will now talk about match preperation. We usually use:

FUNCTIONAL TAPE (white adhesive bandages usually very bulky) to limit certain movements and decrease the burden or strain on the affected tendon.

KINIESOTAPE (adhesive colored strips) to help the use of the affected tendon for certain painless movements.

DRY TAP to reduce muscle strain while performing movements or unnatural gestures in order to avoid pain.

When competing for a tournament of the World Padel Tour circuit, we use the FLOGOSPORT preparation cream, a cream made from plants which contains nutrients that have a positive effect on the preperation of the player. It contains Arnica, a plant with anti-inflammatory medicinal properties, thus reinforcing both the previous physiotherapy treatment as the effect of the above mentioned tapes.

It also contains allantoin, of plant origin, specifically found at the root of the Comfrey and the Aloe Vera, known for its enormous healing benefits and regenerating effects, but above all we will use it to keep the tendon properly hydrated during the match, thereby reducing overheating and therefore irritation at the same.

Lastly, the cream possesses properties that many high competition physiotherapists take advantage of coming from the combination of hyaluronic acid and FILMING GEL, component of bio-adhesive gel that makes the preperation cream have a high adhesive strength. The gel remains even in the presence of sweat or rain water... maintaining at all times its lubricant and moisturizing effect in the tendon area and extending over a long period of time the heat effect, thus permitting comfortable movements, as natural as possible, avoiding the appearance of "new" injuries due to compensation and  the use of several types of bandages, reinforcing the anti-inflammatory action of the whole process.

After the match, the player should begin recovery physiotherapy: cryotherapy (a swim in icy water, only from the waist down), value the use of dry tap to eliminate the tension that usually appears in the Sural musculature (calves), Hamstring ( back of the thigh), adductors (groin area) and even the lumbar area (lower back, in other editions of the magazine we  have already stated that the most common injury for a padel player is low back pain), stretching of the muscle regions that we just named and massages.

In this case, our World Padel Tour Physiotherapy team uses FLOGOSPORT ARTIC, a cream with a spectacular and intense cooling effect, like all FLOGOSPORT creams made by CHIESI laboratories it is also of plant origin, made from Aloe Vera and of course containing the FILMING GEL bio-adhesive, although in this case our aim is to facilitate the rapid recovery of the tendon (and muscle overexertion caused by the pain that forces the player to perform  body movements that don't come to them naturally).

The cream also incorporates nutrients with high regenerative capacities such as those found in the Calendula (plant with anti-inflammatory properties) and Rhizome licorice  (inedible plant with a useful capacity to prelong the assimilation of this antiinflammatory cream and therefore making it more durable than those usually found at the pharmacy and facilitating its assimilation by a damaged anatomical structure caused by injury and overexertion) and therefore helps the job of the physiotherapist as well as the assimilation of the effort involved. Finally, the cream contains Methyl Lactate, a complex name but possesses enormous hypothermic power, that is, the cold effect begins and so does the real recovery!

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