Time to "disrespect" those on top

Time to "disrespect" those on top

The future of the paddle rests assured, there is enough material for the show to go on. As we have seen, new names begin to shine in the world of paddle. But these "future stars" still have to take an important step and face those above, the legends, avoid stage fright, and lose some respect ...

In a recent article, the great coach Horacio Alvarez Clementi was referring specifically to the new generation, including Paquito Navarro, Marina Matias, Alex Ruiz, Uri Botello, Ramiro Moyano, among others. And it is precisely this new generation that inspired my article today.

I was lucky to see the professional debuts of them all. First came the litter of Pablo Lima, Sanyo Gutierrez Agustin Gomez Silingo, Fede Quiles, Maxi Sanchez, names that already shine with their own light in the circuit. Now came the turn of the new generation, the one that leads Paquito Navarro of Seville, the name that has had the greatest impact in recent years.

Last year, along Maxi Gabriel, Navarro achieved his first title as a professional. This year the beginning could not be any better, winning the Masters in Barcelona along Matias Diaz. To be specific, Paquito had already made the leap, and is at the level of the real legends of the sport: Juan Martin Diaz, Fernando Belasteguin, Juani Mieres, Gaby Reca, Seba Nerone, Miguel Lamperti, and Cristian Gutierrez, to name a few.

Now is the time for others to "imitate" him. I refer in particular to Marina Ruiz, Botello, Moyano, Concepción, Di Nenno, Stupaczuk ... players who have stood out in their categories as children and they face the great challenge of being the new stars of professional paddle.

The successful creation of the Challenger by World Paddle Tour is aimed at precisely that, for the young to become "big" and for them to learn what it means to win a title, as happened recently in Cordoba where Matías Marina and Alex Ruiz won their first professional tournament.

And I'm going to draw attention to these names because I was fortunate enough to follow them more closely, comparing opinions with their parents, Dario and Antonio. They were a couple when they were younger and the results were optimal. When they made the jump to the professional circuit they chose to separate and "gain experience" with older pairs. The outcome was not the best and luckily they decided to reunite.

At the last tournament in Argentina they had the great opportunity to get into the quarterfinals but lost in two sets to Reca-Nerone. They lost because of their style? Of course not, they were eliminated by one of the best couples of all times, but in my opinion lacked selfconfidence. They failed to "lose some respect" to their idols, those veterans that based on their long experience continue defining tournaments in their favor.

The day will come, we have no doubt, but it's time to work harder on the psychological compontent, trusting in your possibilities, you begin to write your own history in professional paddle.

We'll see what happens this week in Valladolid. Until next time !!!

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