All "romances" are short-lived

All "romances" are short-lived

On August 4th last year the world of padel suffered the most shocking news in the history of the sport ... the separation of Juan and Bela. Starting at that point, different changes occurred and we began speaking about what was considered the "revolution" of padel. Today, just ten months later, we are witnessing the "second revolution".

The "romance" between Juan Martín Díaz and Juani Mieres only lasted five tournaments, same for Cristian Gutiérrez and Maxi Grabiel. These seperations began a domino effect.

Has it been a hasty decision? Maybe, but in the case of Juan Martín and Juani we are talking about two players accustomed to WIN, to fight for the titles, but in their five tournaments not once did they set foot on the final or show signs of stability or the confidence necessary to achieve these.

Therefore we all understood their decision to start a "clean slate" and as later became apparent in Arab lands, they have been successful, because both reached the final ... separately. Okay it was an exhibition match, where maybe the intensity and desire to win are not the same as in an official tournament and the best teams didn't show up, but undoubtedly it was a step in the right direction for both.

We also discussed about the other separation, that of Cristian Gutiérrez and Maxi Grabiel, two childhood friends who wanted to try their luck together and the experiment didn't work, at least in terms of results. We consider it the right decision, two great players, almost magical, like the Iniestas of padel, talented players but without a center forward to finish the job.

In our opinion both have chosen well. Maxi sought the youth, power and ambition of Ramiro Moyano, having a short experience in the professional circuit, while Cristian chose Agustín Gómez Silingo, a combination that could give excellent results.

And this "second revolution" lasted two weeks. Since Dubai the Canaries players Aday Santana and Jordi Muñoz also announced their separation. Aday will pair up with Willy Lahoz, while Jordi chose Federico Quiles, who after two years playing the drive will be back to his original position. Two pairs who fight for Master positions and will be a tough nut for anyone starting the first round.

However, if we continue searching down the ranking there have been more changes. Godo Diaz returns with Nicoletti (old teammates in their beginnings), Pedro Alonso Martínez alongside Javier Escalante and Alvaro Cepero wih the tireless Gastón Malacalza.

Finally, Mallorca will be like the beginning of a new season, a radical change in mid-race to put an end to the dominance of Belasteguin-Lima and Navarro-Díaz, the two most powerful teams today.

Mallorca, there we go... and for the first time in the history of World Padel Tour. A memorable event that could not be missed!!!

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