A clean slate...

We are at the start of the fourth season of World Padel Tour. At Gijon new story will begin to be written and past statistics will render useless. Again the many team changes focus attention at the first tournament of the year and while it seems difficult to make predictions, we will try to analyze the players paying attention to their capabilities and conditions what can this 2016 bring us .

They demonstrated on the court and even their own rivals recognize it, Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima have been a step above the rest, but they are human and can be beaten, as Juani Mieres and Sanyo Gutierrez demonstrated in the Masters Final in a match in which they had little at stake and its worth clarifying.

That supremacy imposed by the Argentine and Brazilian has been, without doubt, the main cause of all the team changes we have had at the end of the season.

Who will be able to stop their hegemony?

Beforehand, Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez are the main candidates. They both have good skills and the player from Seville has the word "win" engraved in his thoughts and he will not stop until achieving his goal of being number 1. Sanyo has been quite a time at the highest level. He has won with each and every partner he has had and he has now chosen the "hot blood" of the Spanish player, who could perfectly adapt to his game.

Regardless of the ranking, from my point of view the other duo able to stand up to the number 1 team is Juan Martin Diaz and Cristian Gutierrez. They start the season with great it enthusiasm and optimism, they will say they are going to win as everyone does but for them is different. Maybe it was a somewhat unexpected union, but we are talking about two of the best players in the scene of padel. Cristian will return to the reverse, but all the same which ever side he plays he always is a danger for the rival. Juan Martin may feel more liberated from the pressure experienced last year and regain faith in himself.


Another team that will be in the fight is that of Matias Diaz and Maxi Sanchez. Two players with a lot of power in their arms. What are we to say about Matias, a player who is constantly evolving, who has added new weapons to his arsenal to be more complete in his game and who is equally good at defending and defining.

He will have again a "striker" at his side. Maxi can again be lethal. He failed to adapt to the style of Juan Martin Diaz, It was not an easy task, but ended up winning the year's biggest tournament to boost his confidence again.

And to complete the group of frontrunners we would have to mention Juani Mieres and Miguel Lamperti. It remains to be seen how Juani adapts to playing the drive, but anyone could notice that they have more than enough conditions and skills to beat anyone.

We do not forget the rest, but on paper these are the ones that appear as the greatest opponents to the hegemony imposed by Bela and Lima. Of course, better conclusions will be drawn when they step on the center court of the Palacio de Deportes of Gijón.

As the great Nimo would say ... at least that's how I see it!

Until next time!

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