World Padel Tour 2016: We love padel

In a few days the long wait will be over for all padel fans. The 2016 World Padel Tour circuit begins in Gijon and will visit in the following months different countries and cities making the padel spectacle available to padel fans worldwide. Fans that, by the way, continue to grow in number, making padel one of the emerging sports that is growing fastest worldwide.

Since the end of last season, the World Padel Tour group has not stopped working on improving the circuit for 2016 in all possible areas: sports, communication, contents, technology, etc. And although there is still a way to go, the improvements will be evident.

In December last year, just two weeks after the 2015 Madrid Masters the design of the new season was beginning. Important additions were announced to strengthen and further professionalize the circuit. On December 21st a referenced professional was incorporated, Ana Muñoz Merino, who was followed by new reinforcements in the different departments of the World Padel Tour organization affecting the technical, marketing and digital areas. The new year began with the terrible news of the death of Elías Estrella which produced a profound shock not only among the community of padel followers, but also for the sports scene in general. A loss for this sport that will never be regained. It was a sad moment and it meant a parenthesis in the reorganization and preparation of the new season.

The changes and organization reinforcements in World Padel Tour culminated recently with the addition of Angel Rodriguez as head of communications.

To these structural changes and incorporation of recognized professionals in the sports scene one must add the changes associated with the natural dynamics of the competition. From mid-January to early February, we got to know the configuration of the new partnerships for the new season. Besides the Sports Commission announced rule changes this year that affect the composition of the different tournaments. All having in mind the continuous improvement of professional padel and the satisfaction of players and fans.

We have reached March without even realizing. At the beginning of the organization of the greatest show in the scene of padel. Behind, an excited team of people, renewed beyond the names recognized by the general public. Technology, audiovisual and digital content professionals whose arrival and work will soon be perceived. More professional game broadcasts, a renewed web that constantly updates information, etc, etc.

An effort in many cases of great significance that can only be done driven by a passion that unites the entire World Padel Tour community. We love Padel!

Welcome to World Padel Tour 2016.

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