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  • seba-nerone-ultimo-partido

    Why are there so many changes of pairing?

    We've seen a number of changes of pairing in just six events this eason. We talked to an expert to find out the reasons behind so many break ups.  

  • campeonas

    The twins conquer the Valladolid Open

      ADVANCE.- In a quick final, Majo and Mapi Sanchez Alayeto won the Valladolid Open, trofeo UVa, winning 6-1, 6-1 against Gemma Triay and Lucia Sainz. The men's final starts at 11:30 between the two best pairings on the World Padel Tour.  

  • lampar

    Bela-Lima vs. Lamperti-Mieres the other semifinal in Valladolid

    The number 1 and 4 pairings on the World Padel Tour will square off again for a place in the Valladolid Open final. Bela and Lima beat Fernando Poggi and Alvaro Cepero 6-3, 6-3, while Miguel Lamperti and Juani Mieres turned around an incredible match against Ramiro Moyano and Maxi Grabiel (3-6, 6-4, 6-1).  


World Padel Tour presents its official BABOLAT trainers

New JET PADEL : ultralight padel trainers designed to help players move quicker and lighter on court.  


World Padel Tour Ranking

Last update on 11/07/2016


  1. 1

    Imagen foto carné: Fernando Belasteguín
    Fernando Belasteguín
  2. 1

    Imagen foto carné: Pablo Lima
    Pablo Lima
  3. 3

    Imagen foto carné: Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez
    Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez
  4. 4

    Imagen foto carné: Francisco Navarro Compán
    Francisco Navarro Compán
  5. 5

    Imagen foto carné: Juan Mieres Petruf
    Juan Mieres Petruf


  1. 1

    Imagen foto carné: María José Sánchez Alayeto
    María José Sánchez Alayeto
  2. 1

    Imagen foto carné: María Pilar Sánchez Alayeto
    María Pilar Sánchez Alayeto
  3. 3

    Imagen foto carné: Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea
    Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea
  4. 3

    Imagen foto carné: Marta Marrero Marrero
    Marta Marrero Marrero
  5. 5

    Imagen foto carné: Elisabeth Amatriaín Armas
    Elisabeth Amatriaín Armas

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  • _KDP8614

    We talked with Bela: “There are no excuses when you lose”

    Fernando Belasteguin talked with World Padel Tour after his defeat in the Estrella Damm Valencia Master semifinals. The number one congratulated his rivals for the victory, analyzed the failures committed by him and his partner Pablo Lima and he’s practicing again with only one goal: winning the Barcelona Master.

  • galan lebron

    Juan Lebrón and Alba Galán climb up the ranking

    Although there are no significant changes in the World Padel Tour ranking first positions, the distance between Salazar-Marrero and the Sanchez Alayeto twins continues to shorten. In the men's category Sanyo Gutiérrez and Paquito Navarro increase their distance with Matías Díaz and Maxi Sánchez.


Bela-Lima: “We play to win…”

They know they're in the spotlight, as tends to happen to anyone on top of any sport. They play with the pressure from their opponents and the stands, like in Son Moix last Sunday. But Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima accept it and respond to their critics..."we play to win".  

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